June 27 – July 1, 2017

The University of Oklahoma School of Music
Catlett Music Center • Norman, OK

Presented by the h2 quartet

Geoffrey Deibel, Wichita State University
Jeffrey Loeffert and Kimberly Goddard Loeffert, Oklahoma State University
Jonathan Nichol, The University of Oklahoma


Roy Allen Jr., Brookhaven College | Christopher Creviston and Hannah Creviston, Arizona State University | Bill Funke, Oklahoma City University | Connie Frigo, University of Georgia | Joseph Lulloff, Michigan State University | John Nichol, Central Michigan University | Shawn O’Kelly, Owasso Public Schools

My time at the Great Plains Saxophone Workshop in 2015 was well worth my time. As a collegiate musician studying classical saxophone, it is extremely crucial to network with other collegiate saxophonists across the country. The Great Plains Saxophone Workshop provided an opportunity to meet other fellow saxophonists. It was a lot of fun getting to collaborate with them in saxophone ensemble and quartet. It was also very beneficial to have breakout sessions that were geared towards collegiate saxophonists. I learned a lot about promoting myself as an artist and about preparing for graduate auditions. Most importantly, I learned a lot about becoming a better musician! Oh, and I met some new friends too.

Sean Bradley

The Great Plains Saxophone Workshop has been a great opportunity for saxophonists of all ages. Aside from learning new repertoire, the collaboration between students in the large ensemble and quartets is invaluable to each member. As a graduate student, the masterclasses, quartet coachings, and ensemble rehearsals provided a chance for me to interact with some of the best saxophonists in the country. If you're interested in performing classical jazz, pedagogy, and many other saxophone-related topics, the Great Plains Workshop has much to offer.

Damian Cheek

The Great Plains Saxophone Workshop is a very fun and engaging way to work with not only advanced high school students, but undergraduate and graduate students also. I attended the Great Plains Saxophone Workshop as a college senior and found myself challenged to keep up with the demanding, yet fun repertoire that we have to put together in four short days. You get to work with world-class teachers and musicians in solo, quartet, and large saxophone ensemble settings. Along with the numerous performance opportunities at this workshop, you get to also observe multiple master-classes held by the faculty that prove to be a learning experience for students at all levels. I can honestly say that it was a truly enjoyable musical experience.

Spiro Nicolas
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Dear Saxophonist,

I would like to personally invite you to attend the Great Plains Saxophone Workshop—gpsw.ou.edu. This exciting event is hosted by the h2 quartet and held from June 27-July 1, 2017 at the Catlett Music Center in Norman, OK. The Great Plains Saxophone Workshop is a four-day, chamber music intensive event for high school and collegiate saxophonists. Faculty for the 2017 workshop will include h2 quartet members: Geoffrey Deibel (Wichita State University), Jeffrey Loeffert (Oklahoma State University), Kimberly Goddard Loeffert (Oklahoma State University), Roy Allen (Brookhaven College), Connie Frigo (University of Georgia), and Jonathan Nichol (The University of Oklahoma), with special guests Bill Funke (Norman Public Schools), Joseph Lulloff (Michigan State University), John Nichol (Central Michigan University), Christopher Creviston and Hannah Creviston, Arizona State University.

Workshop participants will perform and receive instruction in saxophone quartets, saxophone ensemble, and solo saxophone repertoire. Faculty will present clinics and masterclasses on fundamentals, contemporary saxophone techniques, repertoire, pedagogy, and jazz. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their talents and new collaborations during evening concerts.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Jonathan Nichol and the h2 quartet
  • Open to high school and college saxophone students
  • Study all-state music, contemporary techniques, repertoire, chamber music, and jazz with world-class saxophonists
  • Perform in saxophone ensemble and chamber group
  • Participate in masterclasses
  • Honors recital featuring student performers
  • Private lessons available